Monday, April 10, 2006

It was a better day....

I have had a much better day today, thank God!.
After last night anything could have been better!! My stomach was so bloated and so sore that i couldnt sit down. All Kloe wanted me to do was sit and watch narnia with her, even though we had already seen it at the cinema, she got it in the post on friday and SO wanted to watch it. It was impossible. Even tried watching it laying down on the bed but that was no better. Thankfully it got better as the night went on.
On a much brighter note i got to speak to the lovely Chrissy on the phone. She helped me to add the video clip you are listening to. thanks so much Chrissy!! It has made me want to go to SWIG even more now that i have actually spoken to someone.
And speaking about Scrapping i even did a page today. my March page on Kloe. I got a bit carried away with the flowers, but they kind of took on a life of their own!. I got the idea from a LO i saw on 2peas a week or so ago. I thought i had saved it but couldnt find it on my puter anywhere, so I just did it from memory!! I'm so loving that PP. Its from the basic grey baby girl range. So loving it!!! the scan isnt great because of the large 'bling' but you get the general idea!!

Hmm..change of pace!. just checked the phone for messages as I'm always forgetting to do that and there is one on there from my speciallist in adelaide. She wants me to ring her tomorrow and even gave me her mobile phone number. that cant be good... Ok the hormones are kicking back in and i'm off to have a cry while Kloe is still out the back playing.


MichelleM said...

Ohhhhh Leonie, hope the phone call brings good news...

I am glad you have changed your settings so I can post!

Look forward to keeping up with you through your blog..

Chrissy said...

Hey it was pretty cool talking to you on the phone like that too! You *should* come to SWIG, absolutely, it's the most fun ever!!! :-)

Chrisy xx

Mel said...

Glad you had a better day today and got to scrap :)

Hope the phone call brings good news

Mel :)

TD said...

Oh Leonie, fingers crossed for you hon. Hope the phone call is a positive one.

Anonymous said...

Love your March snapshot LO and left a comment on the gallery as well. Good luck with everything & hope your news is good.