Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the art of relaxation 101...

i took this photo this afternoon. My god no one can relax like a cat can they!! Dont you just wish you could lay in a position like this and be comfortable?? I mean who wouldnt want to be able to twist so much that your head is nearly up your bum..honestly now!!!
Well today has been so warm that our dragon has come out from underneath his rock and is trying desperately to catch the last few rays of the sun. He is so cute in an alien reptilian kind of way!! the dogs are sprawled out on the back lawn doing the same thing. i'm sitting here having one hell of a hot flush so i feel like stripping off and go jump in the pool but its not quite that warm!!
Rang my pecialist back and the news isnt great, but at the moment I'm still trying to think positive good thoughts so am not trying to think about what she had to say much until i have to go and see her which isnt until May 3rd.
but on the good news front I had a good phone call regarding my BT from yesterday. my hormone levels are at an all time high so fingers crossed. Another injection on thursday morning and another BT then another injection on Sunday then its the waiting game for the last time. So blubbering idiot time on thursday and sunday. think I can handle it!!
i have to work tonight. ..Yuk!! But hey money is money. kloe is excited because it means that she gets to sleep up grandma and poppys. She is just a bit miffed that they dont have austar so no watching her fav shows tonight!! And hopefully i'm home in time to watch the amazing race. Can always catch it on fox8+2 I guess at 11 if i do miss it.

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Chrissy said...

hehe I watched that tonight too, don't like the sounds of next week where they have to chop off all their hair!! LOL

Thinking extra good thoughts for you over the next fortnight Leonie! :-)

Chrissy xx