Sunday, April 09, 2006

me being miserable and depressed.....again

Well I have to say that i have had one hard day!! work was long, slow and horrible. To make things worse i had my trigger injection of 5000iu of HCG and my stomach is very bloated and sore. i feel ike a huge big baluga whale walking around. it hurts so much to sit down. It had better work this time. Last time we are doing it. if it doesnt work thats it. Kloe is forever an only child. breaks my heart but I'm doing my best. have prayed and shoot myself full of more hormones than a person can bear and its the best i can do. just doesnt seem right. But in hindsight we have been blessed with Kloe, which is more than some, so is it right to be greedy, or just be happy with what we have got? well in 14 days we will know one way or the other. Another Bt to look forward to in the morning, wowee! its pretty sad when all the girls at the lab know me now. Think I have had enough Bt's to last me a lifetime too!! my veins will not be sad to see the end of it all.
Ok Kloe is bellowing for food so I had better go and accomodate her!!

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Chrissy said...

Well no wonder you feel that way! I have everything crossed and praying that this is your special time. :-)